Dermatologist Recommended Chocolate Brown Hair Dye + Black Hair Dye by Renaissance Henna


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PLEASE NOTE: PRODUCT INFORMATION & HOW TO USE INSTRUCTIONS ARE IN ENGLISH ONLY. If you are using this product to cover gray hair, note that all shades of gray (and blonde hair) will turn bright orange red with henna. All other hair colours (auburn, brown, and black hair colours) will deepen in colour and will take on mild reddish undertones. If you’ve used indigo before, you will already know you should not use it alone on grey hair or light colour hair (blondes), bleached or permed hair (unless you want indigo blue or powder green hair). Indigo will then darken your henna hair colour and push it to natural brown or black, depending how long you leave it in for. If you have never used indigo before, please consider starting with the Renaissance Henna Hair Colour Kit which comes with fuller instructions and information for your first time application. Renaissance Henna, like Oz Naturals, is enjoying growing popularity as a leading brand in womens and mens hair products, and a reputation for producing natural hair dyes which are amongst the best hair care colours, hair care, and natural beauty products.

  • Renaissance Henna is now recommended by leading dermatologists across the U.K. as an alternative to synthetic chemical hair dyes. It has been used successfully by PPD allergic patients who react to para-phenylenediamine and to other synthetic chemicals
  • Use at home hair dye (or ask your hair-dresser to apply it for you) ; mix with water and apply for required length of time
  • 100g Pure Henna + 100g Pure Indigo Permanent Hair Dye, Free From Additives
  • We generally advise that this product is not suitable for use if you have permed or bleached your hair within the last two years; however, we do have a great number of customers who have sucessfully used the product in spite of bleaching within 24 months preceding their first natural brown and black hair dye application. Website resources available to support this natural hair dye product.
  • 3 in 1 : Chestnut Brown Hair Colour, Natural Brown Hair Colour, and Natural Black Hair Colour