Derma Roller – HOME USE MODEL- Micro Needling Roller to Improve Skin Complexion – Perfect for First Time Derma Roller Users

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Reading This Could Save You Serious Health Issues in the Future
Derma Rollers have many difference needle sizes and they are not all created equal. We have some great tips to help you stay out of trouble and get the best results.

What is Micro Needling?
Micro Needling is another term to describe the function of a Derma Roller. The Derma Roller has needles attached to the roller head and you use it to roll on top of your skin. This causes a regenerative effect and repairs your skin to a healthy natural state.

I See Lots of Needle Sizes, Which One Should I Get?
This is a critical question and you should avoid getting a longer needle than you need. Derma Roller needle sizes come from 0.20mm in length to 3.00mm. Needle sizes are used based on the desire repair function. Please note longer needle sizes are recommended for Clinical and Physician Use (0.3mm and up).

Is It Safe to Use at Home?
We can only say we know ours is and here is why. Our Micro Needling Derma Roller uses a 0.25mm Titanium needle. This needle size only penetrates to the Epidermis layer which is another way to say the upper most layer of the skin. Second and equally important is the sterilization process we use during the manufacturing process. Our product is made with high grade Titanium for the needles and sealed tight.

What will the 0.25mm Micro Needling Do for My Skin?
This needle size is perfect for improving skin complexion and accelerating the natural Epidermis repair process that our skin constantly goes through. Your skin can glow, and get a radiant quality to it without worry of serious damage by longer needles.

We Highly Highly recommend you start with our smaller needle Derma Roller

  • Made with High Grade Premium Titanium Needles
  • Ultra Sterilized 5 Stage Manufacturing Process
  • Packed in Air Tight Packaging and Container
  • Great Needle Size for Beginning Derma Roller Users
  • Helps Promote a Healthy Epidermis Layer Give Skin a Glow