Davis Finest Premium Cassia Obovata Powder – Neutral Henna Chemical Free Natural Blonde Hair Gloss Colour Dye – 100% Pure and Natural Conditioner Leaves Silky Glossy Shining Hair – Strengthens and Enhances Blonde Coloured Hair Naturally (100g)


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Cassia Obovata is often called neutral henna although they are from different species. Cassia Obovata has no dye content but contains Chrysophanic acid (a natural anthraquinone also found in Rhubarb root and used for highlighting gray hair) which will colour light hair (gray, white or blond) a pale yellow colour. Cassia is great for blonde hair, whether natural or chemically treated because it will just enhance the natural colour but it is always advisable to test before applying. Cassia does not affect dark hair and will condition, strengthen, thicken and leave hair glossy.

  • HAIR GLOSS TREATMENT condition strengthen and thicken to leave healthy glossy hair
  • WILL colour white or grey hair a pale yellow colour – not permanent as it washes out – does not affect black hair and will only leave it glossy
  • ENHANCES blonde coloured hair bringing out the natural golden colour
  • CAN be used over chemically treated hair as this is a natural product and does not contain parabens or preservatives
  • SUITABLE for all hair types BUT NOTE if hair is light white or gray it may take on a pale yellow colour which works wonders for already blonde hair