Coconut Heat Protection Spray and Damaged Hair Repair Treatment, 10 Amazing Treatments in 1 Bottle – 250ml


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The world has officially gone “nuts” over… coconuts, or more specifically coconut oil.

We Saw an Opportunity To Improve, So We Took It!

We have combined one of our best selling products, Marvel 10, with the magical ingredient coconut to create – Marvel 10 with Coconut Heat Protection Spray!

This concoction is a delicate conditioning treatment with dramatic results, it will transform your hair. Marvel 10 with Coconut gives you 10 hair treatments in 1 x 250ml bottle.

Coconut oil is a firm favourite hair remedy, why not try it and feel like a superstar?

Filled with goodness, this infusion of coconut oil and Marvel 10 will replenish lost moisture in even the driest damaged strands of hair protecting your hair and preventing split ends

We use the most advanced hair care treatments to bring life to your hair, reducing frizz, protecting your hair from harmful UV rays, and keeping your hair looking and feeling more beautiful for longer

Keep the compliments coming, turn heads and keep your hair looking healthier and more youthful for longer – try Marvel 10 today!

  • Protect Your Hair From Damage! : Advanced heat protection spray provides hair with protection from styling tools and straightening irons up to 230 C
  • Keep Turning Heads! : Gives hair texture and bounce for that perfectly texturised look and feel, whilst giving your hair intense protection against the elements
  • Keep Your Colour Where It Belongs : Powerful colour protection, hair treatment for damaged hair and colour shield helping to intensify the colour molecule to ensure your colour lasts much longer
  • Don’t Let The Summer Sun Damage Your Hair : Our advanced UV hair protection system keeps harmful UV rays from penetrating the hair and causing sun damage, keep your hair looking younger for longer
  • Increase Fullness, Minimise Breakage and Retain Length With Our Dry Hair Treatment : Hydration is the key and Marvel 10 is a miracle in a bottle locking in hydration for longer allowing your hair to flourish