Cloud Nine 9 Touch Hair Straighteners & Cloud Nine Magical Quick Dry Potion


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Introducing the C9 Touch from Cloud Nine, the worlds first fully automatic Iron. Simply pick up, start styling and the touch will heat up rapidly. Need a break? The C9 Touch automatically detects when you have stopped styling and cools down, yet returns to full operating temperature after just one stroke of the hair. If you need to change the heat, simply click the plates three times and the built in-led will indicate your changed temperature settings. The C9 Touch heats automatically to 195 degrees for thicker and longer hair. However touching the plates together reduces the temperature to 165 degrees, which is perfect for shorter hair. To increase the heat, simply touch the plates together three times and the temperature automatically changes to 195. The cleverly colour coded temperature settings on The C9 Touch use an LED Indicator which displays red for 195 and blue for 165. Keeping true to the Cloud Nine Irons tradition, The C9 Touch boasts the swivel cord which allows for all kinds of styling from super smooth locks to flicks and curls, The C9 Touch allows for total styling freedom. The C9 Touch embodies all of the trademark elements of the Cloud Nine Iron Collection, with black ceramic plates, MiCom technology, and ergonomic swivel cord for ease of use and comfort. The Cloud Nine Magical Potion is the ultimate styling product. An all-new innovation, exclusive to Cloud Nine. This magical mix of light and weightless conditioners, means that drying time is reduced by an average of 50% but that hair is protected from extreme heat. This leads to an altogether styling approach whilst saving your precious minutes. The anti-static and anti-frizz properties of the Magical Potion ensure that hair is smooth, silky and under control whilst smelling wonderful.

  • The C9 Touch heats up and cools down rapidly on demand
  • Snap the plates together to adjust temperature
  • The Touch automatically cools and heats as you use it
  • Cloud Nine Magical Potion 50ml
  • Drying time is reduced by an average of 50%