Cleancut Intimate Area Shaving Kit Pubic / Bikini Hair Removal for Men and Women


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This shaver and trimmer kit have been designed to safely and painlessly remove hair on all intimate and sensitive areas on both men and women. The Cleancut shaver is a battery operated, ultra-fine screen, triple-rotary-head shaver that will leave you smooth and hair-free. Safe to use on ladies bikini and mens groin areas. Also great for men who suffer from shaving problems on the face – being a dry foil shaver, this is one of the most gentle forms of hair removal anywhere.

The Cleancut shaver is far smaller and less bulky than ordinary electric shavers and measures about 11cm in height. As it has a triple rotary blade enclosed within a protective alloy foil, it does not irritate or leave bumps and does not nick, cut or burn. Battery operated (uses 1 standard C Cell battery).

To use: Ensure skin is dry and moisture-free. Apply a light layer of medicated talc if necessary. Trim long hairs with the Shavy Trimmer supplied. The Shavy is toothbrush sized and uses 1 standard AA battery. After trimming, use the Cleancut shaver on the short stubble length hair to leave a smooth finish. Work the Cleancut shaver in slow, small circular motions to ensure all short hairs are removed. This shaver works in a very unique way: while rotating, the inner blade forms a triangle with the outer foil to capture hair and shave it securely and smoothly, The inner blade is made of rust-proof stainless steel. After use, brush away excess hairs / debris, oil the blades with a clipper oil and store until next use.

This kit is uniquely suited to intimate area hair removal due to the convenient shape and size of the components and having the blades protected, ensuring no cuts. Made in Japan to a high specification. Both products in this kit have multi uses and can be used to remove hairs on the face, arms, chest, back, legs – in fact anywhere on the face or body.

height = 11.5 cm, diameter 3 cm

  • Painlessly removes hair anywhere on the face or body
  • Leaves a smooth finish
  • Pain-free, cannot cut or nick
  • Battery operated, suitable for travel
  • Made in Japan with hiqh quality blades