Certified Organic Pure Henna Powder 100g


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This beautiful, pure, Soil Association certified organic, chemical-free henna powder is suitable for hair colouring. This Henna is excellent for colouring hair as it finely sifted it has a smooth none-gritty texture. It is produced in Rajasthan, India. Within the the foil packet the henna is in a vacuum sealed plastic bag so that it stays fresh. Henna will usually give brown hair red/brown undertones. Henna will give light coloured hair – grey, white or blonde a more orange/red tone. When henna is used with indigo for hair colouring it can give shades of different browns to black. The resulting colour depends on the method, how long you leave it on for and the proportion of henna and indigo used. There are several ways of combing henna with indigo. You can either mix the henna together with indigo and apply, or you can colour you hair first with henna and then colour your hair with indigo. The latter gives a stronger colour. This 100 gram packet is approximately enough to colour shoulder length hair. However it does depend how thick your hair is. Fine hair will need less henna and thick or very curly hair will need more henna. For mid back length hair you will need 2 x 100g packets.

  • Certified Organic by Soil Association
  • 100% natural & chemical Free
  • No PPD or metalic salts added
  • Suitable for hair colouring
  • Increases shine and volume