BodyMe Organic Fo-Ti Root 5:1 Capsules 500mg x 180


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Product Description

Fo-Ti is the root of the Polygonum Multiflorum vine plant and is one of the most admired superfoods in Chinese history. Also named ‘he shou wu’ translates ‘Mr. He with head of black hair’, named after the grandchild of a 58 year old man who, according to legend consumed the root over a number of years and regained his dark hair, youthful appearance, health and vitality. We are unable to make health claims for this product without approved scientific reasearch.

Organically grown in a natural and open-air environment in China, this super root is carefully harvested, washed, sliced, cured with black bean and dried into a fine powder. Traditionally curing fo-ti is said to enhance the root for better digestion and absorption.

Our fo-ti powder is encapsulated to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and organic standards in the UK into vegan and vegetarian vegetable cellulose (plant based) capsules which are certified Kosher and Halal and contain no fillers or binders. Every capsule contains 500mg of pure organic fo-ti root and nothing else.

5kg of whole fo-ti root is used to produce 1kg of our powder. This means every 500mg capsule contains 2500mg of whole fo-ti root (5:1 concentration).

Every stage of the life of our fo-ti, from growing to encapsulation is kept to strict organic and ethical standards. This ensures nothing is added or altered, keeping the nutrients in their natural state for you to benefit and enjoy with peace of mind.

For nutritional information see nutritional table picture above.

Why BodyMe?

- We source only the highest quality organic superfoods.
- We are licensed organic by the UK Soil Association.
- We donate 20p from the sale of every pot to charity.
- Our commitment to the highest customer service.
- Our passion for helping people to enjoy a natural and healthy life.

  • 5:1 pure organic fo-ti root capsules. Each 500mg capsule contains the equivalent of 2500mg of original fo-ti root and nothing else.
  • 20p from the sale of every pouch is donated to charity.
  • Traditionally cured and prepared with black bean for easier absorption and digestion
  • Capsules manufactured in the UK to the highest GMP standards. Our capsule shells are plant based, vegan, vegetarian, Kosher and Halal.
  • Only the highest quality superfoods qualify for our range. Live Natural, Live Life.