Black Boar Bristle Brush for Healthy Hair, Nylon Detangling Pins Vent Brush for Fast Blow Drying, Hair Care Scalp Massager for Hair Growth, Frizz Control Curved Hair Brush Detangling Comb

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Features & Benefits
1. The Segbeauty Boar Bristle Brush fits for all kinds of hair—- long or short hair, thick or fine hair, curly or straight hair, wet, damp or dry hair. The brush works well for both men and women.
2. No need to cut your hair, since it could effectively deal with knotted hair mess when you’re rushing for school or work.
3. The bristle hair brush improves hair texture via daily brushing. For straight hair, it will add bouncy volume and shine. For curly hair, it will condition and slightly loosen the curl.
4. Stimulate the scalp and spread sebaceous oils from the root of the hair to the tip.
5. Add hair volume and enhance hair’s overall look and health.
6. Alleviate oily scalp and condition dry ends.
7. A form of dry shampooing.

-The Segbeauty boar bristle hair brush is the combination of wild boar bristles and nylon bristles, so you can remove detangles and improve hair health at the same time.
-Always brush hair from root to tip, so that the brush can distributes the sebum and creates shiny, bouncy locks.
-You’ll have the best results using a boar bristle brush if you’re using a sulfate free shampoo.
-Use a shampoo that does NOT contain the ingredient: sodium laureth sulfate.
-If you have long or thick hair, it’s better to brush in section.

  • CURVED SHAPE—- This bristle brush curved to fit contours of your head, much more comfortable than a flat brush and the over-sized brush enable you to brush with more hair at one time, saving brushing time. It also has Nylon bristles inside the boar bristles. And they are soft and flexible which means it doesn’t hurt or pull your hair.
  • SPEED UP DRY TIME—- The vent holes let the air flow through your hair when drying, so you hair doesn’t get as hot as opposed to a brush without vent holes, especially helps your hair to dry faster after a shower.
  • Waking up hair follicles oil production & Faster growing hair—– Massaging your hair can help stimulate the sluggish oil glands to start producing oil and bring more blood flow to hair follicles to improve hair growth.
  • HEALTHY LOOKING HAIR—- The boar bristles distribute your natural hair oils throughout the length leaving your hair softer and shinier, less oily on top, with more elasticity, thus making it STRONG and will have the ability to break much much less.
  • The anti-slip handle is a type of heart-shaped squishy rubber, soft and beautiful, which makes for a very comfortable and grip when your hands are wet. And 30-day money back guarantee to make your purchase 100% worry-free.