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What is Biotin

Vitamin B7, also called Biotin, is a vital part of a healthy metabolism and creating important enzymes. Biotin is often used to strengthen hair and nails, and is also called Vitamin H (for hair).

How Biotin works?

Biotin is an important component of enzymes in the body that break down certain substances like fats, carbohydrates, and others. There isn’t a simple test for detecting biotin deficiency, so it is usually identified by its symptoms, which include thinning of the hair (frequently with loss of hair color) and red scaly rash around the eyes, nose, and mouth. Nervous system symptoms include depression, exhaustion, hallucinations, and tingling of the arms and legs.

Why should I take Vita Premium Biotin

Some studies have also shown that Biotin deficiency symptoms can include:

• dry irritated skin

• brittle hair or hair loss

• lack or energy or chronic fatigue

• digestive and intestinal tract issues

• muscle aches and pains

• nerve damage

• mood changes

• cramps

• tingling in the limbs

• cognitive impairments.

Research indicates Biotin helps us to keep a young, attractive appearance since it plays a major part in maintaining the health of our hair, nails and skin.




  • HEALTHY HAIR, SKIN and STRONG NAILS: Customers say that Ultra Potent Biotin from Vita Premium can help to increase Hair Growth (Including Eyebrows & Eyelashes) and may Reduce Hair Loss. Ultra Potent Biotin can also help Increase Nail Strength, Nail Growth as well as Support Healthy Skin.
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