Best Hair Salon Quality Detangling Brush with Ergonomic Handle Gently Removes Knots from Wigs Weaves Curly Thick Wet or Dry Hair Available in 6 Stylish Motifs that are Ideal for Children and Adults


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Say good-bye to the Battle of the Brush

Unlike dense, stiff-bristle brushes that work AGAINST your hair, our professional-grade Detangling Brush slips through your hair to remove tangles and knots without painful tugging or scratching of the scalp. A comfortable, relaxing hair-brushing experience often leads to longer sessions, which benefits your hair with less damage and greater stimulation of follicles. With regular use of our premium Detangling Brush you will have noticeably healthier, more resilient hair.

Unparalleled comfort and benefits

Every aspect of our Detangling Brush was designed for comfort. Its sleek, ergonomic contours and longer handle minimize hand fatigue and enhance control so you can take your time and get exactly the style youíre going for. Rounded, flexible bristles separate strands gently and effortlessly, making our brush ideal for both wet and dry hair. Longer bristles delicately massage the scalp to improve circulation, stimulate natural oil production and support follicle growth. Shorter bristles move oil evenly through hair for the best overall luster and resiliency. These all make your hair more resistant to breakage, splitting and damage. You will see find hair in your bathroom and hair brush while seeing bouncier, shinier hair on your head. Our Detangling Brush is gentle and effective on wigs, weaves, and all lengths and types of hair. Whether you have a head full of ringlets or long, waist-length tresses, our Detangling Brush will speed up your beauty regimen and put smiles on the faces of children AND adults.

Give painful, damaging hair care accessories the brush-off. Add our Hair Salon Quality Detangling Brush to your basket today.

  • NO MORE TEARS when you use our salon-quality Detangling Brush to remove knots without painful pulling. This glide-through brush ends the misery of hair brushing while improving the health of your hair. Our brush is ideal for men, women and children.
  • GENTLE AND EFFECTIVE on all hair types, including wigs and weaves. Our brush slips effortlessly through wet hair as well as thick locks and coarse curls. With less pressure and tugging on strands, you will happily find less hair in your bathroom and brush.
  • ERGONOMICALLY MOLDED to reduce hand fatigue while enhancing grip and maneuverability. This leads to a longer, more comfortable styling session for even the curliest or thickest mane. Our pain-free detangling brush takes the stress and tears out of brushing children’s hair.
  • FLEXING BRISTLES WITH ROUNDED TIPS treat every strand delicately, loosening knots without breakage or damage. Longer bristles massage the scalp to induce hair growth and oil production, while shorter bristles help distribute oils to give hair a lustrous, healthy sheen.
  • SIX STYLISH DESIGNS let you to choose a brush that reflects your personality: Gold; Green; Leopard Print; Pink; Silver; or Stripe Black & White. If our Detangling Brush does not perform to your expectations, simply return it within 30 days for replacement or refund.