Best Blow Dry Round Hair Brush with Natural Boar Bristles for blowouts -Get Healthy Shiny Frizz-Free Hair with this Professional Salon Hair Styling Brush Large (2 inch)

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The Secret to Healthy, Smooth, Soft & Shine Hair

If you love blow dry your hair, and you’re looking for a brush that will leave your hair looking healthy and polished, grab this Care me Boar Bristle Round Brush! It’s perfect for anyone wanting a smooth straight end result with little volume on almost any length of hair.

For best results, follow the brush down the hair with a hair dryer so it straightens and dries at the same time. Please section hair and do one small section at a time if your hair is long, which is time-consuming but the results are worth it! The blowout result looks great for several days. No matter you want a frizz-free smooth hair, add some volume at roots, add waves or soft curls at the end, you are in control.

Good for all hair type: fine, normal, full, thick, coarse, frizzy, or unmanageable hair. Took your unruly thick hair and turned it into a shiny glossy spectacular style looks like you had your hair professionally done by a hairdresser at a fractional cost.

*Note: 1. It’s natural for some bristles to fall out when new. This is NOT a quality issue.

2. Always use the brush on dry hair, as it can be damaging to use on wet hair.

How to tell the bristles are authentic boar hair or mixed with nylon or plastic?
• Feel – Pure boar bristles are a bit softer than nylon, and are often packed more densely. Nylon bristles are hard and stiff with blunt tips.

• Look – If there are some very thin bristles mixed with very thick ones it’s possible that the thicker ones are nylon.

• Burn – Real boar hair will burn and turn into ash with a strong stinky smell; nylon or plastic will curl up and melt with a smell of plastic.

  • ► Pure Natural Boar Bristles + Nylon Pins -> Unlike other roller brushes that claim to be “pure boar brush” but actually mix of nylon bristles to reduce costs, our boar bristles (lower black section) are 100% pure natural boar bristles with added nylon pins (higher yellow section that manages thick hair as boar is too soft) to distribute natural hair sebum & oils from the scalp to the end as a conditioner resulting in shiny, smooth hair.
  • ► Dries hair Faster -> Vented Ceramic Barrel allows up to 50% more airflow from a blow dryer and evenly distributes the heat to make hair dry quickly and straighten out. Boar bristles lift hair at right roots and add volume.
  • ►Two Sizes Available -> 2 inch=53 mm (Barrel Diameter Only) Large is perfect for Back Length; 1.7 inch=45 mm (Barrel Diameter Only) Medium is best for Medium Long or Below Shoulders starting from 6 inch length. * Check the Size Image to choose the diameter based on your Hair Length & Desired Results. Never Go Wrong with 1.7″ round brush.
  • ► Does Not Tangle -> The bristles (nylon pins) are a little firm to hold the hair but do not pull or snag hair. Your hair won’t get caught in any seams. Can be used for all hair types for straightening & blow drying.
  • ► Salon Styling Result ->Ions-infused bristles holds in moisture to reduce frizz & brittleness and to polish finish. Choose frizz-free smooth hair or bounce blowout with soft curls or flips at the end.