Beard Balm, Havana Blend, All Natural, 60ml – 12 Premium Butters & Oils Blended Into a Silky Smooth Concoction – Guaranteed to Soften Your Beard and Make it Kissable


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Welcome to a New Level of Beard Care

Huntsman Beard Co.’s Havana Beard Balm

Delicious scent.

Guaranteed kissable.

Soothes beard itch.

All Natural with no synthetic chemicals.

Lifetime money back guarantee.

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Please note: Due to an error with our label supplier, there has been a mixup on the Usage instructions on our latest batch of beard balm. The correct usage instructions are as follows: Scrape small amount with thumbnail. Warm between fingers and massage into beard and skin.

  • BEST CONDITIONING BEARD BALM: Are you tired of the having a brittle, dry, unruly beard? Broomstick beards are a thing of the past, tame your mane with our premium beard balm.
  • MOISTURISES HAIR AND PROMOTES GROWTH: Keeps your hair conditioned, smooth and soft, all the while maintaining a slight hold over your mane. It keeps hair follicles moist promoting growth from within.
  • LEAVE IN HYDRATION & ITCH RELIEF: Moisturises and hydrates the skin beneath your beard to keep beardruff at bay. Tames wild hairs and eliminates coarse texture for a fully manageable beard.
  • SMELLS GREAT: Your key to entering the “members only” Cuban underworld is a few drops away. Havana is suave and sophisticated, suited for important events and as your daily user. Its sandal and cedar base is depicted by two distinct spices: clove and cinnamon.
  • PAIR WITH HBC OIL & STACHE WAX: Made to compliment each other, complete your beard kit with HBC.