Andrew James Conical Hair Curling Wand With Heat Resistant Cover, Adjustable Temperature Up To 210°C, Soft Touch Handle, 2m Swivel Cord – 2 Year Warranty

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Get bouncing curls that Beyoncé would be envious of, or beach waves with the Andrew James Hair Curling Wand.

Spending hours trying to style your hair is something many can relate to. No matter your type of hair – it often goes wrong.

Either you can’t control the temperature to suit your type of hair, or your curls just don’t last more than five minutes; there’s so many problems that can arise. Not anymore.

With the Andrew James Hair Curling Wand, you’ll be able to create stunning curls in as little as ten seconds! With the no-clip design you can be confident that your hair won’t get caught in the appliance and break.

We’ve included a built in stand which ensures your curler is always raised, whether its resting on the heat-resistant cover included or on your table.

We’ve designed our hair curling wand to automatically switch off after 60 minutes – bye bye stress!

The additional cool touch tip and 2m swivel cord add to the fantastic safety features of this hair styling kit.

No matter what type of hair you have, you can fully adjust the temperature to suit your hair. With a range of 80°C – 210°C which is shown on the digital display you can accurately find the perfect temp for your hair!

Tips and Tricks

To create the perfect curl, firstly decide: tousled waves or a tighter curl?

For waves, loosely wrap a section of hair around the wand, hold for ten seconds and release. Keep going until your hair is transformed into a stunning collection of gentle curls.

For tighter curls, simply wrap your hair tightly around the wand, hold, then release! For thick hair, it will take a little longer to curl so you may need to experiment with the temperature and time.

Additional Information

Dimensions (cm): 35.0L x 4.0W x 4.0H

2 Year Warranty included – no registration required!

  • Create beautiful curls in as little as ten seconds with the Andrew James Hair Curling Wand
  • With an adjustable temperature of 80°C – 210°C shown on the digital display you can accurately find the ideal temperature for your hair
  • Featuring safety features such as: auto switch off, built in stand, heat resistant cover, cool touch tip, and swivel cord
  • No-clip design ensures your hair won’t get tangled and break when using the appliance
  • Includes heat resistant cover, perfect for storage and travel