Ana-gen Plus Hair Restore Serum. Reduces Hair Loss, Stimulates New Growth. Features Redensyl a powerful new hair restoration active that in clinical trials outperformed Minoxidil by 90%. Anagen serum also contains Copper Peptides which play a vital role in biological pathways that determine hair growth. The active ingredients are carried in pure hyaluronic acid. As our product is 100% oil free it is light, fast absorbing, and will not make the scalp or hair greasy.


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Ana-gen Hair Growth Serum features the award winning Redensyl active ingredient.In clinical trials Redensyl outperformed Minoxidil by 90%. The trials demonstrated a better outcome than one surgical hair transplant procedure and in a shorter timeframe. The active ingredient is combined with a blend of active agents which 1) provide an energy source for the hair cells 2) protect the cells from environmental aggressions (sunlight, pollution, etc) which can accelerate hair loss. All the active ingredients are carried in a serum featuring a unique blend of hyaluronic acid and lecithins which combine to enhance delivery and absorption of the actives. In order to emulate the positive results obtained during the clinical trials our product contains the same percentage of Redensyl as used in the clinical trials. Unlike Minoxidil containing products there are no side effects or health issues associated with the use of Redensyl. Unlike rinse off products which seem self defeating, Ana-gen is a leave on product which creates the best possible scenario for allowing the active agents to work. Ana-gen + is an enhanced version of our popular Ana-gen Standard serum. We have incorporated an active copper complex to the serum. Copper has long been regarded as playing a vital role in the hair growth and the inclusion of this additional active agent will enhance the hair re-growth process Additionally copper complex plays an important role in the melanin synthesis process that colours hair. Recent research has suggested that activated copper can reduce greying of the hair and restore original colour. However this reversal can only happen where 15% or less grey hair is evident and where greying of the hair has only occurred within 5 years

  • Contains Redensyl, an award winning hair restoring active ingredient
  • Also contains Copper Peptides which have a proven ability to boost hair growth
  • Minoxidyl free
  • 100% oil free, Light, non-greasy, and fast absorbing