50 Quality Thick Endless Snag Free Hair Band Elastics Bobbles Bands Ponios (Blonde)


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Kanddit Hair elastics Hair bands bulk, Choose From Over 13 Different Sets (50 Pack)
No Hair Pull

The elastic tie is no-metal design, no need to worry it will tug on your hair.

Abundant black hair bands
50 Pieces black hair elastics is a large amount for your family, such as your wife and your daughter, they can satisfy their need.

Wonderful handwork supply
Stick some ornament and embellishment on the elastic, or wrap the black elastic tie with flower cloth to make some beautiful bowknot band, lace band for yourself and your friends.

Multiple unique function
Tie the package bag of some snack, condiment, candy to keep them from metamorphism. Put them around the rolls of drawing and wrapping paper. Weave the elastic tie into the lattice of laces to keep shoelace loops from flopping.

50 Pieces black hair elastics

Thickness: 4 mm, diameter: 4..5CM

Package includes:
50 x Hair elastics

  • Sets Of 50 Beautiful Snag Free Endless Hair Bands
  • Choose From 13 Different Types Of High Quality Bands
  • 4.5cm Diameter 4mm Thick
  • Same Day Dispatch
  • Suitable For All Hair Types