30g British Hemp Oil Traditional Wet Shaving Soap and Traditional Alum Styptic. Against Shaving Rash and Ingrown Hairs. Naturally Antibacterial. Sensitive Skin.


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Discover traditional shaving – with historically authentic hemp oil shaving soap and volcanic alum shavers styptic.

Using just three ingredients – British produced hemp oil, lye and water, this soft soap is highly suitable for people with sensitive skin. There are no added ingredients to irritate the skin or the lungs.

This soap gives a close shave without provoking shaving rash and reduces incidents of ingrown hairs / foliculitis. The soap is not drying and shavers have no need to moisturize after using it.

The soap is kept in its original concentrated gel-like consistency. This jars lasts shavers for up to 25 shaves (depending on hair type and frequency of shaving) so it represents excellent value.

Hemp oil soap was made in Britain between the 12th and 19th century until it was displaced by cheap commercial soaps. Fascinated by this soft soap or black soap as it is known in historical texts, at Natural Spa Supplies we have set out to recreate the 12th century recipe, although we will admit that we do not cook it over an open fire!

The small piece of alum comes from a volcanic source from the dessert surface in Morocco. Volcanic alum can also be used as a natural aftershave and to stop the bleeding from shaving cuts, although it can sting on open cuts. Being an astringent, alum will close the pores and reduce shaving rash. It is antiseptic and it has no fragrance. We also use the alum on insect bite and other minor injuries such as knuckle wounds. It gives a thin and flexible scab, fast healing and no scaring – however, shaving with this soap, you are hardly ever going to have any need for a styptic! Rinse the crystal after use and dry it.

  • Natural Shaving Soap with No Additives or Added Fragrances. Helps to Avoid Shaving rash and Ingrown Hairs. Ideal for Shavers with Sensitive and Allergy Prone Skin. Travel, Trial Size.
  • The soap does not foam very much so shavers can see the area they are shaving well, giving more control.
  • The slip of this soap, due to the natural glycerine content, makes shaving easier, reducing shaving rash and giving less nicks
  • The razors blades stay sharp for about twice the normal time compared to the use of standard shaving creams. This is because soft soap softens the stubble and the blades are subject to less blunting.
  • That the skin is left smooth and in good condition. Even shavers with sensitive skin will notice the difference once they shave with traditional shaving soap.