3 in 1 Beauty Vitamins! ELIXHAIR – Advanced Formula with Maximum strength Pure Biotin + MSM + Silica + Collagen + Hyaluronic acid – for Thicker, Longer Lusious Hair, Radiant Skin & Beautiful Nails! All-Natural & Additive Free | 2 MONTHS SUPPLY! by WellGood

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FOR LUSHIOUS HAIR, SKIN & NAILS – Our advanced formula combines the highest quality vitamins, minerals with essential amino acids which support and boost your hair, skin and nails. Our unique complex gives you a generous 10,000mcg of pure biotin with essential MSM, Collagen, Silica, hyaluronic acid along with zinc and copper which work synergistically together for optimum results!

- ElixHair’s advanced Biotin complex is fast becoming known as one of the most potent Biotin supplements on the market.Our capsules contain 10,000mcg of pure Biotin, that supports healthy skin and also help promote healthy hair growth, including eyebrows & lashes!.

BAMBOO EXTRACT – We use fine quality silica found within the bamboo stem. Silica helps strengthen and adds shine to hair. Bamboo offers a higher and more consistent dose of silica than horsetail.

MSM – Essential for re-building hair follicles, helps to thicken and naturally support hair re-growth

MARINE COLLAGEN – We’ve combined Peptan® into our formula, pure marine peptides is the most bioavailable form of collagen available. Its been found in clinical studies to counteract signs of ageing such as wrinkles, dehydrated skin and loss of firmness, Peptan® promotes a more youthful appearance by supplying a boost and a restructuring effect on the skins collagen network from within.

HYALURONIC ACID – added to stimulate and increase the collagen, it nourishes and hydrates the collagen that maintains the skin’s layers and structure making your skin smooth and soft with fewer wrinkles.

MAGNESIUM- Only the best magnesium glycinate is used, its the most bioavailable and easily absorbed form of magnesium – Magnesium supports teeth and bones including the benefit of helping to reduce tiredness & fatigue!

ElixhairTM One-a-day capsules are made using vegetarian capsules suitable for pescatarians.

  • An Elixer of vitamins, minerals and nutrients scientifically formulated to maximise hair growth for more luscious, longer, thicker, and stronger Hair + Radient Skin + Stronger & longer Nails
  • Our advanced formula gives a generous 10,000mcg of pure biotin combined with essential MSM, Peptan® (collagen peptides), hyaluronic acid and bamboo extract (silica) along with zinc and copper that work synergistically together for optimum results! 2 MONTHS SUPPLY – Easy to take one-a-day capsules
  • BONUS EFFECTS- After you finish One bottle of ElixHairTM you may find your skin is more radiant, your nails stronger, eyelashes are fuller and your eyebrows have started to grow back! Whats more, because we use the highest quality magnesium available it actually helps you feel less tired and fatigued!
  • ✔ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – WellGood is a ethical family run business with health and wellness advocates based in Cornwall. We are committed to providing you with high purity, quality products, bringing you the full potential of natures goodness! Our products are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards (GMP, BCR, HMC & Certified Organic by the soil association) ElixHair is FREE from milk, lactose, gluten, wheat, yeast, and 100% Additive free! SUITABLE for Pescatarians.
  • ✔ 100% SATISFACTION – We want to help you achieve your goals from using ElixHair, if you are not happy for any reason we will give you your money back no questions asked! * LIMITED INTRODUCTORY OFFER – ADD TO BASKET NOW!*