100% Pure Organic Argan Oil by SWEET ARGAN® 100ml – Purified Moroccan Oil for Face, Hair, Skin & Nails – Natural Treatment for Age Defying Skin, Radiant Hair & Healthy Nails. EcoCert Certified, Premium Quality, Ethically Sourced / 5 Months Supply


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100% Pure Argan Oil authentically made in Morocco. It is raw, cold-pressed, undeodorized, and organic. By SWEET ARGAN®

What it Does:

Argan Oil is a versatile beauty aid that hydrates and protects your face, skin, hair, and nails, so that you look younger, healthier, and naturally more beautiful. Our organic Argan Oil is made in South-West Morocco, using ethical sources, resulting in one of the best quality and highest-grade Argan Oils available on the market. Rich with vitamin E, anti-oxidants, and essential fatty acids, it contains everything that your skin and hair needs to function optimally and effectively fight the damaging effects of free radicals and ageing. It’s incredibly easy to apply and absorbs instantly into your skin and hair without leaving greasy or oily residue. Perfectly safe for all skin and hair types.

The Benefits:

✓ Strong anti-ageing properties

✓ Powerful moisturiser that leaves your skin smoother, more radiant, and noticeably younger

✓ Stimulates hair growth

✓ Helps visibly reduce crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles

✓ Protects skin and hair against environmental factors and free radicals

✓ Heals certain skin conditions such as: skin fungus, eczema and sunburn

✓ Improves skin firmness and boosts radiance and tone

✓ Makes hair softer, silkier and more manageable

✓ Hydrates and softens dry, brittle nails

✓ Soothes chapped lips and cracked heels

  • ✓ 100% Pure Certified Organic, Cold Pressed Argan Oil – Directly Sourced From South-West Morocco
  • ✓ Nutrient-Rich Composition Making it Healthy for Hair, Skin and Nails
  • ✓ Enriched with Vitamin E / Nourishes Dry & Damaged Hair / Repairs and Rejuvenates / Smoothens and eliminates Frizz / Gives Protection & Shine / Stimulates Hair Growth
  • ✓ Non-Greasy, Fast Absorbing Moisturiser / Anti-Aging / Anti-Acne / Anti-Sebum / Anti Wrinkle
  • ✓ EcoCert Certified (Organic Farming & Natural and Organic Cosmetics)